Bad Plastic Surgery - How to Prevent It

Bad plastic surgery isn't something that happens everyday. Statistics show that it rarely happens, even. You would be one unlucky person however if you happen to be the victim of a rare bad plastic surgery procedure. How can you avoid the experience?

Be Sure of Your Surgeon

Although an unsuccessful plastic surgery may not always be your surgeon's fault, he can still be the number one factor that can contribute to terrible results. Your surgeon could be badly trained or is not up to date with recent trends in plastic surgery. It is also quite possible though that your doctor may have misjudged your condition or performed a procedure that does not fit your condition.

It would be a good idea to ask your close friends or acquaintances to recommend you a good doctor. It would however be a better idea to perform your own extensive research to avoid bad plastic surgery. Do not just interview one doctor but visit the clinics of several and interview each of them. You should also always check with state boards to find out if your doctor has the right qualifications. Some helpful online sights may also be able to provide you with doctor reviews and comprehensive details on a doctor's record of practice.

Check the Facilities

Of course, there is reduced risk if you have it done in an accredited hospital. This also makes more sense because a good hospital is fully equipped to handle emergency situations. Plastic surgery procedures however can also be safely and privately conducted in a doctor's facility. Clean and state of the art facilities are a sign that your surgeon takes his field seriously. You should also make it a point to check if the facility is accredited.

Be in Good Health

Your health should be properly evaluated by your surgeon before you go under the knife. If you are seriously sick you will not be allowed to undergo plastic surgery. Even healthy people however are given certain guidelines to avoid bad plastic surgery. Your doctor may tell you to stop smoking or maintain a specific diet.

Also, it's important for you to follow the surgeon's tips and instructions. Other than pre operation instructions, you should also follow your doctor's post operation instructions to make sure that a good job doesn't get messed up.

Tone Down Expectations

Surgeons say that some bad plastic surgery are labeled as such not because of the procedure gone awry but because the patient just have very high expectations on the result. Disappointment can make you judge the results in a different light. You may have to constantly remind yourself that plastic surgery can only really improve your appearance but not make you look stunning or perfect.

Surgery as a Last Resort

Treat the procedure as your last resort. Try exercise, diet and other natural ways to get the look you want. Resort to plastic surgery only when there is no other choice.

Trina Rowde

Check out how you can avoid a bad plastic surgery. Discover tips on how to have a good plastic surgery procedure.


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