Bad Plastic Surgery Results

We usually see bad plastic surgery only when the media publish pictures of celebrities that had some kind of cosmetic surgery. One would mean that these celebs would have the money and the right advisers to pick the best possible surgery but when you look at the results sometimes it is amazing what you see. It just looks not natural.

Another thing that can happen is simply bad luck. No surgery is without risks. Most side effects and complications are well known but each patient is different, has a different health condition and history. An excellent surgeon may be able to lower the risks but nobody can reduce them to zero. There is always something that can happen.

You can also talk about bad plastic surgery when the plastic surgeon is overdoing things, often because of the patient who urges the surgeon to do something unusual. That could be a operation that is known to very risky or out of the scope of standard, proven procedures. One example are extremely large breast implants or face lifts on 80 year old grandmas who want to look like 20.

Beside all the discussions, a bad cosmetic surgery is easy to spot. When you see a beautiful women and you don't know if it is real or not, then you have an example of a perfect plastic surgery. On the other hand, when you can see immediately that there was a surgeon at work, how can this be good cosmetic surgery?

Good plastic surgery looks natural, it looks like the beauty was given by nature and not by a surgeon. It looks harmonic, blends perfectly with the personality of the person. It makes things look and feel better. Everything else is not natural.

The media is full of pictures of failed cosmetic surgeries. Often the results are irreversible. Maybe the surgeon just had a bad day, maybe unexpected side effects ruined a good work. Fact is that you probably risk a lot when you try to save a few Dollars by choosing a cheap surgeon.

Complications are part of the life of any surgeon. Just because you have no medical necessity for the surgery doesn't protect you against possible negative outcomes of a surgery. If you get an eyelid surgery or a face lift for example and the surgery causes a nerve damage your look could be ruined for life.

Another possible complication is an infection. An infection can evolve to a serious threat and ruin the results of a good surgery. Blood loss is one cause of an infection. If a surgery, for example a liposuction, leads to high blood loss then the risks of an infection increase as well.

Every surgery leaves a scar or other skin damages. If the skin does not recover for whatever reason then it is a serious problem. A surgery can lead to skin death, numbness, dimples or a loss of sensation, things that sometimes never go away again.

To reduce the chances to become a victim of bad plastic surgery you should reduce two main risk factor, one is the surgeon and the other the patient. The patient usually wants and expects too much. Inform yourself what is possible and what remains a dream. Then choose the best surgeon you can find for money. If you save here then you risk your health.

Clare Eisenman

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